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Why train to be a Mindfulness teacher?

The demand for mindfulness teachers has grown enormously in the past decade. Qualified mindfulness teachers are needed for one-to-one support, teaching groups, working in healthcare and education settings and supporting people in organisations of all kinds.


Mindfulness teachers come from many walks of life, including talking and physical therapists, healthcare professionals and practitioners, yoga and other movement-based teachers, educators, creative artists, coaches, corporate managers and employees, and those who are retraining for a completely new career.


Many people are drawn to mindfulness teaching because of the benefits they have personally obtained from the practice. Learning mindfulness can be life changing and being able to teach it to others is a hugely rewarding experience.

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Why Train to be a Hypno-Psychotherapist?

The need for psychotherapy has never been greater. Clinical mental health services are stretched well beyond capacity and waiting lists for counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and other forms of psychotherapy are huge. Individuals are increasingly turning to private practice to get the support they need.


Hypnotherapy training is the fastest route to you being able to offer psychotherapy support to private clients. Initial training can be completed in just one year, allowing you to obtain professional insurance and begin charging clients immediately for therapeutic support.


Hypnotherapy is also one of the most rapid forms of psychotherapy, often helping clients achieve significant results in just a few sessions. You can learn to support clients with a wide range of conditions and disorders, including anxieties, phobias, addictions, trauma, pain, emotional disturbances, and difficult behaviours. It can be tremendously rewarding to see clients transform old unhelpful patterns into new positive ways of living.


As a hypno-psychotherapist, you will learn and practice a wide range of techniques, not limited to hypnosis, including NLP, Emotional Freedom Technique, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing and more.

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